Diplomat Sales

Volvo diplomat sales

If you´re serving as a diplomat you can benefit from your entitlement whether you´re already on your posting, or just about to embark.

Personal Cars

All over the world, diplomats share an exclusive privilege - the right to buy a new tailor-made Volvo on very special terms.

Volvo Cars Diplomat Sales, supplier of official and private vehicles to the diplomatic community since 1956, is a global organisation with a special program for diplomats. Our program is dedicated to one goal only: to make it advantageous and convenient for you to buy exactly the car that fits your requirements.

The Diplomat Sales program offers unique savings, convenience and benefits. These include special and competitive prices, correct specifications for the country of your stay, customized delivery and shipment services, comprehensive warranties and more.

An official Diplomat price list ensures that you always receive the same prices and information from our global network.

Our highly specialized staff are there for you every step of the way and can assist with registration, rules and regulations. Simply choose where, when and how you would like to have your new tailor-made Volvo delivered and we'll make the necessary arrangements.

Local Delivery

Imagine the safety, comfort and pleasure of a beautifully equipped new Volvo. Plus unique convenience and a rewarding benefits package. As a diplomat you can have it all, without even leaving your office chair.

Simply contact Bilia's exclusive diplomat sales and let us provide you with a great deal.

Delivery to your posting abroad

Being Diplomat, assigned abroad, purchasing a new Volvo, we will ship your new car directly from the factory to your new destination. We make sure your car will be shipped to a local dealer (assigned delivery point) close to your new destination or to the nearest possible port.

For more information about the assigned delivery points, insurance, rules and regulations please contact our specialized staff at Bilia.

Delivery to the US and Canada

Should your next destination be the US or Canada, you can purchase a US or Canadian specification car outside the US and Canada and have it delivered to the closest possible stateside retailer. Shipping and Marine insurance is included in the price. For non-US/Canadian specifications other conditions apply.

For full details on conditions please contact Bilia.

Official Cars

Bilia is one of major suppliers of Embassy official cars. Our customer are embassies, consulates, international organisations and of course individuals. For official cars we offer a special official car benefit - please contact us for further information.